Zurg Belt Buckle (a.k.a. Belt Buckle) is a Fun Meal toy given out at Poultry Palace along with Fun Meal Buzz Lightyears and Fun Meal Zurgs.

Small Fry

One of the Belt Buckles was supplied to Bonnie Anderson as her kid's meal, to her disappointment, as she had one already. Another one was later seen in the display case alongside Fun Meal Zurg and Fun Meal Buzz Lightyear, when the latter is complaining about being on display only. When Fun Meal Buzz Lightyear escapes, he offers Fun Meal Zurg a chance to come with him, but the latter declines due to not wanting to get in trouble. After he successfully escaped, the Belt Buckle, in agreement with Fun Meal Zurg's worry, made a loud buzzing sound. It later reappears in the post-credits scene where it buzzes (possibly cracking a joke), and Fun Meal Zurg says that the Belt Buckle really cracks him up.


  • The Zurg Belt Buckle is one of the few toys to not actually speak, instead communicating with sound effects, similar to RC.

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