Woody's Nightmares is one of the Toy Story Treats that aired on ABC's Saturday morning line-up in 1996.


Woody has a nightmare that Buzz is flying around him like a fly and goes up his nose, making him sneeze, when it is really just Buzz tickling Woody's nose with a feather while he is sleeping.

In another short, Sid has made Woody swap heads with Buzz, but then wakes up and screams, then breathes a sigh of relief.


  • Woody's Nightmares was originally planned to be a scene in Toy Story, but was ultimately unused (only storyboards exist). The scene starts with Woody watching Andy playing with Buzz, when he notices Andy is amazed that Buzz glows in the dark. Because Woody does not, Andy does not like him anymore and throws him in a trash can that gets trucked out to an alley. All of the sudden, bugs begin to swarm him before he wakes up from the nightmare in a panic, almost waking Andy up.
  • This same sequence inspired the level Nightmare Buzz in Toy Story: The Video Game, where Woody dreams he's fighting the real Buzz Lightyear in Andy's closet.
  • The idea finally found a home in Toy Story 2 as well, with a similar premises, except Andy trashes Woody this time because of his ripped arm.


Woody's nightmares

Woody's nightmares

Woody's Nightmares

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