Wilmar Flattz is a minor character in Cars.


"Do fans have fans? Well Lightning McQueen's two superfans Mia and Tia do. Wilmar Flattz met Mia and Tia at a McQueen fan club event last season and he's been smitten ever since. Once Wilmar actually gathered up the nerve to ask Tia what time it was. Her answer, "Quarter to three, I think" is a treasured memory he plays in his head over, and over."[1]

In the film, Wilmar is seen attending the Piston Cup race at the Motor Speedway of the South. When one of McQueen's rear tires blow, Wilmar gets shocked at this.


  • According to Car Finder, Wilmar is a 2000 Clebert Sniffler.
  • According to his die-cast, his license plate reads "0TU48".




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