The Vending Machine was a secret hideout for Lotso's gang at Sunnyside Daycare.

Toy Story 3

During the events of Toy Story 3, when Buzz Lightyear exits the Caterpillar Room to look for Lotso, he follows Ken, Chunk, and Twitch into the vending machine located in the hallway that separates the Caterpillar Room from the Butterfly Room. Climbing to the top of the machine, Buzz eavesdrops on the Sunnyside toys to hear what they are planning to do on him and his friends. However, Buzz gets thrown onto the table by Big Baby and gets captured by the Sunnyside toys. He is then taken to Lotso for Lotso to reset him to his demo mode.

It is unknown what becomes of the vending machine after Lotso's gang reform for the better; however, it is highly likely that they discontinued their indecent activities, such as gambling, and thus this place went abandoned.


  • Inside the vending machine, the toy that the Sunnyside toys play with is a See 'n Say "The Farmer Says" model, although their use of it was more for gambling purposes.

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