Woody: "Who's Velocistar237?"
Trixie: "Oh! That's just a dinosaur toy down the street, that's nothing, let me just take care of that. It's just a dinosaur!"
Woody: "All right..."
Woody and Trixie, after an IM pops up on the computer

Velocistar237 is someone who sends an instant message to Trixie. He or she seems to love video games just as Trixie does by sending a message that says: "U there? I made it 2 the Dark Fortress!!". He or she is apparently a dinosaur because of Trixie's response and his or her user-name suggests that he or she is a Velociraptor. He or she is probably a male by the very quick reaction Trixie makes and insisting that the user is just another dinosaur down the street, and it was nothing important.


  • The 237 number in the screen name is a reference to director Lee Unkrich’s favorite movie The Shining.
  • Velocistar237 might be talking about Buzz Lightyear: Attack on Zurg when saying "U there? I made it 2 the Dark Fortress!!"