"Hey Mater, did I tell you about the time I raced in a 1000 lap race?", Lightning asked. "No, buddy! Why don't you tell me!", Mater replied. "Okay then. I was in Hawaii with 100 opponents. Including my Piston Cup rival, Chick Hicks. Boy he was eager to win. The race was on January 24, 2006. One of my first races. I barely knew he crashed other racers."

"Looks like this rookie is in for a suprise.", Chick said. Chick had rammed McQueen right in the side of his front left tire, causing it to pop. "Aw great now my lucky bolt has a dent in it.", Lightning said. "Don't worry I'll fix it for you.", Chick said. He rammed McQueen one more time causing him to go into the wall. He spun out into the grass.

McQueen went into the pits and told his pitties to fix him up. "Hurry up Chuck!", McQueen said. "His name isn't Chuck.", McQueen's crew chief said. "I don't need you to correct me all the time... in fact I don't need you at all. You're fired.", McQueen had said. "What'd he said after that?", Mater asked. ".....I'll get back to you on that.", McQueen replied.

"Let's skip to the last lap shall we.", McQueen said. Chick made his way into second place behing The King. McQueen was in 5th place. McQueen soon got his way into third place behind Chick. "Here comes McQueeny trying to win his precious race.", Chick said. As McQueen was trying to pass him he tried to ram into the side of him... but he failed as McQueen put on the brakes ever so slightly causing Chick to hit the wall. A couple cars passed Chick and he went into 8th place.

"What happened next McQueen?!", Mater asked. "He caused a huge crash causing many of the cars behind him to crash. Sadly one of them crashed so hard it did severe damage to their engine. He died that night. But Chick boosted up to 3rd place. I saw the finish line ahead. For hurting those cars I decided to ram him into the wall.", Lightning said. As McQueen rammed Chick into the wall it slowed Chick down putting him into 10th place. Right after that McQueen crossed the finish line and lost in 2nd place. "Were you mad you lost?", Mater asked. "No of course not.", Lightning replied. "What'd Chick do?", Mater asked. "He was really mad", Lightning replied. "Now what'd your crew chief say?!", Mater asked. "When your older Mater, when your older.", McQueen replied.

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