A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

                                                             CAR WARS

A generation after Finn Wan-Kenobi and Mater Skywalker had fought in the Clone Wars Mater had turned to the Dark Side and had taken the title of Darth Mater and Holley Amidala had had two kids named Lightning Skywalker and Sally Organo and the galaxy had been ruled by the evil galactic empire Chick Palpatine, Lightning had been helping his Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen, the guardians of him.

"Hey Lightning, I need you to come and help me find two droids.", Uncle Owen said. "Sure", responds Lightning. Once they find the Jawas and their sandcrawler, they purchase the two droids: LU-GI and GU-DO. As soon as they get home they have a conversation about Lightning's father. "Aunt Beru, can you tell me about my father?", Lightning asks. "Okay Lightning. Your father was a powerful jedi who fought in the Clone Wars with Finn Wan-Kenobi. But soo...", Aunt Beru says before she's interupted by Lightning. "Who was Finn Wan-Kenobi?" "Finn Wan-Kenobi was a powerful jedi. Not more powerful than your father, but powerful. He had worked with your father since he was only nine years old.", Uncle Owen says. "I'm gonna go find Finn-Wan!", Lightning says. "Wait, Luke!", Aunt Beru said. "Yes?", Luke replies. "Watch out for the Tusken Raidcars.", Aunt Beru says. "I will.", Lightning replies. As Lightning is trudging through the sand on Tatooine he sees something far away. He gets out his binoculars and sees many Tusken Raidcars scattered around the area. Then he looks around and sees one about a foot in front of him. He attacks Lightning and LU-GI. Then Lightning doesn't see anything but black. He wakes up and finds himself inside a landspeeder. "Huh, where am I?", Lightning asks. To be continued...