Cars 3

Chick Hicks hosts the WGP2 to make up for all the bad things that happened in the first one. A rusty old Chrysler breaks out Professor Z and the Lemon Families, and has a strange connection. Finn is concerned about what will happen in the race, so he send Holley, and a snazzy new spy, named Quinn Tirely to Rio where the first race is. McQueen travels around the world, this time with the hole Radiator Springs gang. Suspiciously, the new racer named Sanjay Kearliar, from India, is having engine problems, maybe it caused by the fuel that Boost switches out before anyone could get there. In the end it turns out to be Otis as the evil plot car, because he travelled around the world with McQueen. Mia and Tia have roles, as the official McQueen merchandise sellers. The places they go to for the WGP2 are Rio, Melbourne, Germany, New York and Radiator Springs. Mater will be McQueen's crew Chief. Carla, Miguel, Shu and Rip will have some speaking roles.

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