This is my idea for a Cars/Planes crossover television special.


Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen/Dark Thunder*

Kristen Wiig** as Materia*

Dane Cook as Dusty

Larry the Cable Guy as Mater/Tater*/Mater Jr.*/Nater*/Gasket*/Hater Jr.*

Roger Craig Smith as Ripslinger

Michael Keaton as Chick Hicks

Joe Mantegna as Grem

Peter Jacobson as Acer

Denis Leary** as El Machismo***

Bonnie Hunt as Sally McQueen

Emily Blunt** as Holley Shiftwell

Ewan McGregor** as Finn McMissile

Sean WiIIiam Scott** as Lug***

Josh Peck** as Nutty***

Diedrich Bader** as Quentin*

*= indicates a character created by me.

**= indicates a new actor/actress for the special.

***= indicates a character semi-created by me, but I added more character.

Characters Created By Me

  • Materia is Mater's eccentric, goofy, but highly intelligent sister who messes up from time to time to time to time to time to time.
  • Tater is Mater and Holley's oldest son, who likes to play with his younger siblings. He and Mater​ Jr. are twins.
  • Nater is a middle child in Mater's family. He enjoys eating and playing with his brothers and sister.
  • Gasket was the baby of the family. He enjoyed it until his baby sister, Joycie, came along. He has grown to respect her, and he is closest to his older sister, Kater.
  • Kater is Mater's middle daughter. She favors Materia, because sometimes she is the only one who will listen to her.
  • Hater Jr. is Mater's son who hates everything. He looks up to his uncle, Hater, and they both follow the same rules.
  • The Dark Thunder is Lightning's evil clone. He was created accidentally by Materia, and wrecked havoc on the world. He looks like McQueen, but darker, and has black stripes painted on the sides, and a black visor to cover his eyes.
  • Scarlet (a.k.a. Scar) is Chick Hicks' trusted plane. She gets jealous when Chick invites Ripslinger to join the Lemons, so she leaves to find her own path. She is a humungous plane, being at least 3 times as large as Siddely.

Characters Semi-Created by Me

El Machismo is McQueen's energetic and pumped wrestler friend. He always loves to help him out, even when they argue.

Lug and Nutty are two pitties that live in the town. They always get over excited, and have Quentin to calm them down.


I will upload pictures soon. I will also start writing the transcript and adding a few more characters. See you soon!