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  • I live in Somewhere Only I Know
  • I was born on April 16
  • My occupation is Bureaucrat on ABA Wiki, and Nothing Else, really...
  • I am A pretty cool person, unless you get on my bad side.
  • Speedy the Lazer Bird

    This is my idea for a Cars/Planes crossover television special.

    Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen/Dark Thunder*

    Kristen Wiig** as Materia*

    Dane Cook as Dusty

    Larry the Cable Guy as Mater/Tater*/Mater Jr.*/Nater*/Gasket*/Hater Jr.*

    Roger Craig Smith as Ripslinger

    Michael Keaton as Chick Hicks

    Joe Mantegna as Grem

    Peter Jacobson as Acer

    Denis Leary** as El Machismo***

    Bonnie Hunt as Sally McQueen

    Emily Blunt** as Holley Shiftwell

    Ewan McGregor** as Finn McMissile

    Sean WiIIiam Scott** as Lug***

    Josh Peck** as Nutty***

    Diedrich Bader** as Quentin*

    *= indicates a character created by me.

    **= indicates a new actor/actress for the special.

    ***= indicates a character semi-created by me, but I added more character.

    • Materia is Mater's eccentric, goofy, but highly intel…

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