It has cpome to my attention that Andrew Stanton, the creator of Finding Nemo, has debunked the theory of Andy's Dad said by Mike Mozart. Well, allow me to tell you that, I'm calling a bluff on that! There could be a possibility that he's trying to deny this claim because he felt like Joe Ranft, who Mozart said created the story, would have wanted it to stay hidden. Well, Andrew, not to be a jerk, but regardless of whether you deny it or not, let's not just take your word over Mike's. I mean, it's not like Joe actually wanted the theory to stay hidden, whether he implied it or not. As SuperCarlinBrothers said, while there's nothing online to confirm the existence that Ranft has told the story of Andy's dad, there is no evidence that disporves it. Just saying that you've been there doesn't mean you're actually telling the truth!