Amongst the numerous promotions for Cars 3 is the one that is on the package of two of Quaker's products: Life cereal and Chewy granola bars. There's a code printed inside the box that you can redeem for $3 off movie tickets that are purchased through the Fandango website.

I'll let you guys get the rest of the info by buying one or more of those products, but I wanted to point out a neat trick regarding the website where you enter the code to get the discount. It's at and you can use the zoom in and zoom out feature on your web browser to change how much of the picture of Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm is revealed.

Most of the time, that picture stays the same size and everything else on the website changes like the logo in the upper right corner and the images on the left. 30% moves the logo as far out of the way as it can go, and at 130%, it stops enlarging. At 220%, the left side of the page jumps down to the bottom, giving you a close-up of the two racers.

If you've got multiple monitors on your computer and stretch the browser window to cover two (or more) monitors, the zoom in/out has a different effect and you'll see some of the black asphalt graphic start to cover up the lower right corner of that picture.

The discount will be good through September 30th or "until movie is no longer in theaters, whichever comes first", so hopefully Cars 3 will have a good, long run that lasts that 3½ from the time it premieres. If a $3 discount on tickets gives everyone more encouragement to go see it, so much the better.