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The Story of how Bo was lost

A short flash back.Idea was insprited by Gameboyz829.


Woody,Buzz,Jessie and Slinky are in an attempt to save Bo Peep from going in a yard sale while Andy is at school.


Sarge:(Talks over baby monitor) The Jessie is on the Bullseye! Repeat The Jessie is on the Bullseye!

Jessie:Ye-Haw! Oh Bullseye were finally in one of Sarges baby monitor calls!

Sarge:Woody's hat has fell off his head! Repeat Woody's hat fell of his head!

Buzz:Ok everyone single file line! Potato head Mister and Mistress.

Potato heads:Here!





Alien 1:Do you mean just me or all of us because sometimes I get confused about the.......

Buzz:I'll take that as a here.

(Mrs.Davis walks into Andy's room while the other toys go back into toybox)

Mrs.Davis'':I thought Wheezy was sold months ago I guess Molly took it out the yard sale when I was'nt looking.

(Puts Bo Peep in Box)

Woody:(When Mrs.Davis is'nt looking) Bo!

(Mrs.Davis leaves room)

Mrs.Potato Head:Its just not fair.

Mr.Potato head:Yeah who does Mr.Davis think she is....

(Mrs.Potato hits Mr.Potato Head with hand bag)

Buzz'':I'm Sorry Cowboy.

Woody:Buzz,you won't have to be i'm going to find Bo.

Buzz:I'm going too.

Jessie:Me Too.

Rex:Well not me after my last adventure no more adventures.

Slinky:I'll come too.

(Woody,Buzz and Jessie climb down Slinky)

Woody:Hey Buster?

Jessie:Buster over here.

(Buster walks over and the toys hop on to him and Jessie jumps in the box Bo is in)

Bo Peep:Jessie?

Jessie:Bo were gonna get you outta' here.

Woody:Come on Bo on no.

(Woody hides under table)

Little Girl:Mommy? Can I get this Cowgirl dolly?

Mom:Sure.Excuse me Ma'am but how much is this?

Mrs.Davis:(Not looking) Ummm that depends on what your buying?


Mrs.Davis:Well that is going to cost you.....

Woody:Reach for the skies.

Buzz:Its a secret mission in uncharated space lets go.

Mrs.Davis:Oh i'm sorry but this belongs to my son I don't know how it got down here.

(Mrs.Davis puts Jessie in a suit case with a conbination)

Buzz:Blast,what could be the conbination.

Slinky:Ummm it has something to do with the adress.

Woody:Slink your a genuis.

Buzz:Umm oh yeah its 324 lem Street.

Woody:Umm...Buzz its 234 Elm Street.

Buzz:Oh of course i knew that.

(Woody puts in conbination)

Bo Peep:Woody we gotta get out of here.

Jessie:How do we do that.

Woody:I got it.

Woody:I hope this works.



Woody:Were trying to look for you Buzz.

All toys:Buzz!

Buzz:What what's going on.

(The toys hop into Andy's 3 seat 30 inch remote control plain while Woody and Buzz sit on the wings and Jessie,Bo Peep and Slinky sit in the seats and flies into Andy's room.)

Jessie:Were back home.

Buzz:Where's Bo?

Bo Peep:Goodbye Sheriff.How do I know I won't end up back in say goodbye to everyone for me.

(Bo Peep jumps off window and jumps in box)


Little Girl 2:Mommy can I have this?

Mom 2:Ok course lets ask the nice lady.

Mrs.Davis:Of course you can get this.

(Little girl and Mom take Bo Peep and drive off)

Lenny:I don't want to lose Bo Peep ever again either.

(Lenny jumps into sun roof on little girls car)


(Woody jumps out window but Jessie stops him)

Jessie:Woody no!

(5 years later)

Woody:I guess we all knew this day was coming.

(Andy opens up toy chest and gets Woody and Buzz out)

Andy:Woody,Buzz were going to visit this girl I met at in school mom says I can bring toys.

(Andy puts Woody,Buzz,Jessie,Wheezy,Mr.Potato Head,Mrs.Potato head,Rocky,Rex,Hamm and Molly's barbie and the scene switches to the little girls house)

Little Girl 2:Hi Andy.


Mrs.Davis:Andy,Molly,Tristia would you like a snack?



Bo:Buzz and Woody?


Woody:Good to see you again.

Andy:And there's this new game i'm playing.Its me Dr.Porkchop attacking the wildwest again!

(Andy and Tristia and Molly are sleeping in Sleeping bags)

Bo Peep:So what now.

(Jessie turn on Tv)

Voice:Calling Buzz Lightyear the galaxy's greatest hero skilled........

(Toys sit down and watch an episode of Buzz Lightyer of star command and credits roll)


  • The Buzz Lightyear Star Command intro is played.
  • This is Bo Peeps last appearence although she does appear in Toy Story 4 (Fannnon)

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