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  • Master ventus

    Empore Zurg:Comes in Movie box.Press Z on cape for phrases.Flip swich on arm for Playmode and Demo mode.

    Stinky Pete:Comes in Woody's roundup Box.Removeable hat and pull string open up Overals pouch for play mode and Demo Mode.

    Mrs.Potato head:Removable parts.Talk loud and make fall apart and Swich play to demo on back of head.Comes with Hat with flower,eyes,nose,mouth,arms,shoes and purse.

    Bo Peep:Comes with Removable Bonet,Sheep Cane and three headed sheep.Talks and interacts with you flip swich under shoes for play mode and demo mode.

    Trixie:Talks and sings.

    Warp Darkmatter:Press putton for pop out wings.Posebal joints and retractable helmet,Laser light and voice phrases flip swich under back pack for more play and demo.

    Princess Mira Nova:Po…

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  • Master ventus

    A short flash back.Idea was insprited by Gameboyz829.

    Woody,Buzz,Jessie and Slinky are in an attempt to save Bo Peep from going in a yard sale while Andy is at school.

    Sarge:(Talks over baby monitor) The Jessie is on the Bullseye! Repeat The Jessie is on the Bullseye!

    Jessie:Ye-Haw! Oh Bullseye were finally in one of Sarges baby monitor calls!

    Sarge:Woody's hat has fell off his head! Repeat Woody's hat fell of his head!

    Buzz:Ok everyone single file line! Potato head Mister and Mistress.

    Potato heads:Here!





    Alien 1:Do you mean just me or all of us because sometimes I get confused about the.......

    Buzz:I'll take that as a here.

    (Mrs.Davis walks into Andy's room while the other toys go back into toybox)


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  • Master ventus

    It seems that ever since Andy has given Bonnie his toys Butter Cup and Hamm have became friends and make a comment about something that goes wrong I would like to get more information about their friendship.

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