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    hi here are the characters mattel should make and i'll tell you the reason

    yep that green deseased lemon who had just as bad luck as leland turbo and rod tourqe redline. the reason why i want mattel to make because it would be a cool diecast and also i would like to know his name

    it would be cool if mattel made a sparky because that way they would have a air mater die cast

    yep the air hawks from air mater PLUS the mater hawk in this cool 5 pack. the reason is for more air mater merchendise

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  • SmashingStar64

    Cars: Ultimate Racers will be a Fan-Game by Mariomario678910 mixing Cars and Cars 2 Characters and Racing With them

    • Luigi
    • Mike

    • Lightning
    • Ramone
    • Sheriff
    • Finn McMissile
    • Darrell Cartrip
    • King
    • Chick Hicks
    • Ferrari
    • Doc
    • Sally
    • Wingo
    • Sarge
    • Boost
    • Mario

    • Mater
    • Filmore
    • Miles Axlerod
    • Sully
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