Their should be a spin-off TV show for Cars, just like Buzz Lightyear of Star Command for Toy Story.

The show I was thinking about is Super Car. It's about a super hero car who tries to protect the world from evil villains. So far, I only came up with the super hero, and his name is Super Car. I haven't come up with a side kick for him, or the name of the city, or even any super villains.

Super Car 2
On the right of this sentence is a concept art for the character Super Car.
The 1 is not part of him. It's where I wonder if another rocket should go their. Should one go their?

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(It starts with Lightning McQueen and Mater at Flo's V8 Cafe, talking with other cars and drinking oil.)

Lightning McQueen: "Isn't today a good day?"
Mater: "Sure is, buddy!"
(Then, they suddenly hear the Super Car theme song on the TV)
Mater: "Buddy, Super Car is starting, Super Car is starting! Flo, clear some room for us near the TV!"
(Flo does what Mater told her to do. She clears some oil cans out of the TV's way, and the camera is pointing at the TV. After that, both Lightning and Mater quickly drive up to the TV.)
Mater: "Dadgum, I wonder what this show is done gonna be about?"
Lightning McQueen: "I don't know, Mater. We have to watch to find out."
(The camera zooms in to the TV until the TV in the movie and the TV you're using to watch the movie become the same TV. I haven't thought of the theme song.)



(After the credits, the camera zooms out of the TV)
Mater: "Woo, that show was fuh-un! Can't wait 'til [tomorrow or next week]."
Lightning McQueen: "Me too, Mater."
(Then they drive away).

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