There was something weird that I've noticed on Planes on Rotten Tomatoes. 2 audience members have wrote reviews for the movie, and they appear to think that Pixar is making Planes, which they're not.

This could be a problem in some ways. If a critic thinks that Planes is a Pixar movie, they might create high expectations for it Planes might not have the thing that makes Pixar movies great, because it's not a Pixar movie. Because of that, people might dislike Planes because it doesn't meet the Pixar expectations, but it's not even a Pixar movie. However, few critics don't create high expectations for Pixar; they create the same expectations for Pixar and other studios.

Something else I noticed is that one of those people says that he's sick of these talking vehicles. It seems like he thinks it's going to be about Lightning McQueen and Mater again, which its not. It's going to be about different and new characters.

However, it's possible that another Disney studio could make a sequel to a Pixar movie, like maybe DisneyToon Studios could make Cars 3 or Toy Story 4.

Another problem I noticed was that they don't seem to know that Jon Cryer dropped out of the movie, because it still lists him in the cast. Plus, they have a poster for the movie, but it seems to be stretched taller, meaning that it won't fit.

The site says that 92% of the 2,500 people who are giving the movie pre-opinions, but most of the people who are stating their opinions are not interested in this movie.

I posted a blog on the Community Central Wiki saying that Planes is being made by DisneyToon Studios and not Pixar. Here is a link to it.

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