I wonder how Pixar movies would be in the Cars world.

Human World Cars World
Toy Story Toy Car Story
A Bug's Life A Bug's Life
Toy Story 2 Toy Car Story 2
Monsters Inc. Monster Trucks Inc.
Finding Nemo Dont know.
The Incredibles The Incredimobiles
Cars Humans
Ratatouille Dont know.
WALL-E Don't know
Up Don't Know
Toy Story 3 Toy Car Story 3
Cars 2 Humans 2
Brave Don't know.
Monsters University Monster Trucks University
Mater: "Hey, buddy. Haven't you noticed that these "Humans" movies are very similar to things that happened to us?"
Lightning McQueen: "Oh, yeah. They do seem very similar. The first movie, the race car driver got lost in a small town where nobody knew him, a lot like what happened to me. And then, in the second movie, that race car driver got invited to a world racing championship, and his best friend got mistaken for a spy, a lot like what happened to us."
Mater: "And the race car driver's best friend likes to make up stories about things he did once, just like me, except his stories are not real, and mine are."
Lightning McQueen: "And the race car driver's best friend hosted a racing competition where racers from all over the world came to their town to race, and you hosted something like that too."
Mater: "You know, I have a feeling that our conversation right now will be in
"Humans 3"."

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