Rating TV-PG. Name: Lucas' Up and Down World

(Lucas working in his shop with a costumer) Lucas: Yeah, you're gonna need a new spark club. Lucky for you, I got one right here. (Lightning walks in while Lucas is working with costumer) Lucas: Uhh....Hey....Lightning. Didn't expect to see you here. Lightning: Uhh...Should I come back later? Lucas: you can stay...I'm almost done here. Lightning: Nah..I'll just come back later...I guess. Lucas: That was awkward.....

(Lucas drives down the road to flos) Lucas: Has anybody noticed any weird things going on lately?

All: No..I don't think...what did you say? Lucas: Hey! I'm not joking. I was taking a drive in Tailfin Pass last week and I could've SWORN someone was following me I swear, it was this red guy...a.and he (Lucas is interrupted by Lightning) "Ah, you're full of crap, Lucas, everything's fine, clean your windshield for crying out loud!" (Everyone leaves)

Is what Lucas said true? if so, one could only imagine the strange things happening in Radiator Springs? Stick around for Part 7!

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