Rating: TV-PG Plot: Last time we were here. Lucas had got crowded around and was getting really freaked. here's Part 2

Lucas had been crowded lucky his vision was messed up, or he would have gotten really freaked out. He suddenly heard a noise behind him. The pedestal on the statue cracked. It almost crushed Lucas before he jumped to the left. After that, his vision finally cleared up. In front of him was 12 cars, same as the statue, eyes and mouth. They seemed to be very confused. I stepped up and asked, "Ww..w.where am I?" Mater: "But the question is, Who are you?" Sheriff: Mater! Let me handle this. Mater: "Sorry Sheriff." Sheriff: Now, who are you, and what do you think you're doing trespassing in my town!" Lucas: "No no no! I wasn't trespassing I, just got lost!" (Sally drives up to Lucas) "Well, in that case, are you doing anything tonight? Lightning: "Sally!" Sally: "Sorry!, sorry um.....carry on." Lucas: "OK, Can somebody please tell me where I am???" Mater: "Huh?. You don't know where you are! You're in Radiator Springs, the cutest little town in Carburetor County!" (Lucas then takes a look around him) Lucas: (Purple light fills Lucas' body) "w..wait, WHAT'S HAPPENNG!!!!"

To be continued.... Part 1

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