Welcome to the finally of the TV Show idea, Lucas' Up and Down World

Rating: TV-PG-V. (Zombiecar rises above the Radiator Springs skyline) Ramone Yep, we're screwed. Lucas: Oh no were not! Mater, do you still have those rockets Finn and Holly gave you last year (Please note Time has been 6 years forwarded) Mater:Well, yeah, Why? Lucas: Because, it's time for a blast off. (Mater then ignites his rockets and flys up twoards the Zombiecar) Lucas :Give us back our friend you creepy undead freak! Zombiecar: SCREAMMMMM!!!! Lucas: WAIT!! I just realized something! I have this giant military grade RPG in my living room closet for some reason that I've never taken out! We could get IT an use it to defeat the Zombiecar! Mater: (Stares at Lucas) Let's Go. (They both fly across the mountain to Lucas' house (Lucas steps inside for a brief moment) Lucas: (As he steps out of the house) Alright. Let's do this. They fly back over to town Lucas: Guys! we need your help to defeat the Zombiecar! Here, I brought these, take positions and go! Everyone takes positions with they're weapons. Ramone: Hey, why do YOU get the rocket launcher? Lucas: Just shoot! (They all start shooting. Everyone shoots at different times. After the Zombiecar is shot numerous times, it still won't go down. Lucas: It's trashing everything we need to take it down. WHAT THE FRICK DO WE DO!?!?!?!!?-------Yes! Ive got a plan. When I yell FIRE everybody except me is gonna shoot RAPIDLY at the exact same time. After its halfway dead, I'll get close and hammer it with this RPG. Ready! All: Heck yeah! Yeah! Let's do this! Lucas:Ok then. Be ready. (Zombiecar screeches continuously) OK. 5,4---(Zombiecar crushes courthouse building) 321-FIIIIIIRRREEEEE!!! (everyone's weapons shoot) All: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! (Blinding light, huge explosion) Light Dissepears. Lightning: (Breathing heavily) Oh....Is he dead! Sherriff: Yeah! I think. Lightning: Oh... Thank god. well, I think I'm gonna go home now. See ya later dude! Lucas (Softly) too... ugh...I need to get some rest. (camera zoom outwards on earth)

                                  THE.           END.


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