Rating: TV-PG-V. Title: Lucas' Up and Down World #8

The story opens with Lucas sitting down at Flos

Lucas: Hmmmm... Uh. Lightning, could you meet up with me at my place, at around 10?

Lightning: Sure, uh, Why? Lucas: reason.

Later.... Lightning: Uhh..Lucas what exactly are we suppose to be doing out here? Lucas: Ohh.. you'll see soon enough, you'll see. (The two slowly drive through Tailfin Pass.) (Suddenly, Lucas here's a loud cracking in the road.) Lightning: Uhh... I'm getting really freakin' scared right now!!!! Lucas: it's just the wiiiind, don't worry . Gigantic car tires screech out from the ground) Both: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Lightning: Hurry run back down hill!! Lucas: It's's a Zombiecar!!!!!!!! (One of the tires reaches down and grabs Lightning Lucas:LIGHTNINGGGGG!!!! Lightning: Go on! I'll hold em' off! (Lucas runs back downhill towards Flos) Lucas:GUYS GUYS! You gotta help me! There's a..a.a Zombiecar up there! He came out of the ground..a.and he grabbed Lightning gotta help!! Sherriff: Ohh...There ain't no such thing as a (Zombiecar screeches over Radiator Springs) Sherriff: We.. .are.. dead.

UH OH. Stick around for Part 9, the thrilling Conclusion! £ Part 9

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