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Tv Show Idea Part 7

Lucas Up and Down World. Rating: TV-PG

(The story opens with Lucas and Lightning taking a drive through Carboureter County) Lucas: Uhh..Dude, remember last week when you told me I was "full of crap" about seeing strange things? Lightning: Yeah, I remember, sorry about that. Lucas: You don't think I'm crazy or anything do you? Lucas: Nah... If anyone's crazy it's Sherriff. (Both laugh) (The two approach the Cozy Cone Motel) Lucas: Hey Sally. Sally: Oh! hey guys! What's going' on? Lightning: Well, I was wondering maybe we could go for a night on the town...hehe (Suddenly, Lucas' vision flashes and he sees a black car with a steam engine for a short second) AHHHHHHHH! Screamed Lucas. Lightning: W..wh.whats wrong? Lucas: Uh...Nothing! I'm just gonna....slowly back away now..... (Three hours later at Flos) Ramone: Hey, look who it is, Mr. Crazytown, see anything else? Not like there is anything. (All laugh) Lucas: GUYS!! I'm not joking, something WIERD IS GOING ON IN THIS TOWN! Ramone: Yeah, like you can prove it, crazy! (All Laugh) Lucas: They think I'm joking, they say I'm crazy but I've got a plan they'll see, they'll all see!

So Lucas has a plan, find out by sticking around for Part 8!

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