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Tv Show Idea Part 5

Rating: TV-PG Name: Lucas' Up and Down World

Lucas: (relaxing in his home) "Yep....this is the life..." (Suddenly he hears a knock at the door) Lucas: Come in!

(Door opens) Lightning: Hey, Lucas, I just came by to return your old spark club, I borrowed it for a bit, by the way there's a little leaked oil on it. (Lucas stares in silence at McQueen) Lucas: "Uhh....OK, Thanks for uh...stopping by...I guess" McQueen: Uh.. ok... Bye! (Lucas then walks down the road to his shop, when he gets a phone call) Lucas: (Answering the phone) "Hello, Radiator Springs Auto and Repair, how can I help you?" Sally: "Oh, hey Lucas, it's Sally, I just wanna say Its been really great having you in town." Lucas: "Oh! thanks, Sally, wait, are you Lightnings girlfriend?" Sally: "Uh..Yeah." Lucas: Crap! Sally: Huh? Lucas: Oh!...uh....Nothing!

to be continued....

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