Name: LU&DW Rating: TV-PG PLot: 11 year old Lucas Dials gets what he always wanted, a much simpler life. But can he learn that things can get a little crazy? You'll have to read and find out!

(Please note that this story is written in the third person and first person point's of view.)

It seemed like you're perfect summer day, sun shining, And everyone enjoying there vacation. Averege pre-teen Lucas Dials (that's me) is sitting in his room in his apartment in Santa Monica, alone with his curtains closed, lights turned off, and playing his video game, everything is perfect. At least, from his point of view. Right in the middle of his video game, the TV screen blurs and goes black. A purple swirling circle thing appears on the screen. It keeps getting, Bigger, and bigger and bigger until it finally pops off the screen and sucks Lucas into it. It turns out it was a inter-dimensional purple vortex. "AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHOOOHHCRAPPP!!!" He screams whle being sucked into it. He finally reappears near what looks like Earth, and for several seconds he experiences zero gravity before falling back down towards Earth. He finally lands in what appears to be a desert area, though he has slighty caught on fire. It appears to be very foggy were he is, or it's just the smoke from where he had landed so hard. The smoke and or fog clears up and he can FINALLY see where he has landed. He looked in front of him and saw a STATUE in front of him. "Ahh!!" Lucas screams and notices that the statue is of no person, but for some reason a CAR. And I guess the architect of the statue must have been..mentally challenged or..something like that, because apparently the car had EYES and a MOUTH. I then figured out that the statue was OF THE FOUNDER, not a different person. But I guess my screams must have alerted other people, because before I knew I was crowded in. To be continued......

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