BTW: In case you don't know, LUDW stands for Lucas's Up and Down World.

This is Season 2, and this season also introduces a new character, including some new locations (Sooner) and smoother dialogue.

(Scene opens with Lucas, Lightning, and Ramone sitting near the courthouse. Lightning and Lucas start breaking into discussion.)

Lucas: Im just saying, it would be cool to have another person around sometimes, you know, like a fourth friend, because i gotta admit, sometimes 12 people just gets kind of boring.

Lightning: Yeah, I know. It would be nice, but what kind of person are ya' gonna find in this freakin' town? Seriously dude.

Lucas: True, true. Still, I'm gonna stick to it. You can just sit there, but I'm gonna go find another friend.

(Lucas exits, scene swicthes to outskirts of town at night, near low mountains.)

Lucas is driving along the road when he notices a blinding light ahead of him.

Lucas: OH MAN! What the heck?? Hey! whoever you are, it wouldn't kill you to switch your headlights off blinding mode.

Figure: (Turns headlights down) Oh, there's someone there? Sorry bout that, I'll turn em down.

(Figure appears to be a small bi-plane with arms floating in fornt of Lucas)

Lucas: Wait...What the heck? Who are you?

Who is this misterious figure? Find out next time on LUDW, Ep.2 coming July 17th!

                                                                To be continued........

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