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LUDW Season 2, Part 4

It's short, but I'm kind of busy at the moment.

(scene opens with Lucas in his closed shop waiting for Teer.)

Lucas: (looking at clock)........ Come on.....

(door opens, bell rings)

Teer: I'm here!

Lucas: Finally! WHAT TO YOU SO LONG!

Teer: Sorry! Geez, I was getting lunch. Happy now?

Lucas: Ok then. But you're late. Were not open anyway.

Teer: Oh. Then why the heck am I here?

Lucas: Because. I have a job for you. I need you to clean up 'round this joint.

Teer: Clean up? But it looks fine!

(Lucas shines headlights on floor to find hidden spider webs and tons of bugs crawling around.)

Teer: AWW SICK!!!

Lucas: Exactly. Get to work. (Lucas exits)

(Teer grabs a broom)

Teer: (sighs)

(Time forwarded 1 hour. It is now 10:00 pm.)

Teer: (puts down broom, panting)

Teer: I'm so freaking tired!

(Lucas comes in)

Lucas: Alright. You can go home now.

(Both exit and drive toward homes.)

Teer: Phew. Thank God. I need some sleep.

Lucas: Same here. Well, see ya' later!

Teer: Bye!

To be continued........

Part 5 coming soon.

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