(Scene opens same as last)

Lucas: AHH! What the heck? Who are you? Figure: I'm RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU, My name is Teer, you tool. (Both move into town) Lucas: Ok . No need for name calling. But you're names kinda weird, and I can see you F.Y.I. Teer: My name is weird? Well actually I have to agree with you they're. My folks weren't always the smartest. Or alive. Lucas: (silent).....Oh. Teer: Yeah....A janitor picked my name. Lucas: Tough...Tough. (laughs under breath) ....Anyway, I've been looking for someone to hang out with, So? Teer: HECK YEAH! Lucas: Well let's ditch this joint! (Both leave. While leaving town they pass the courthouse, Where Mater and lightning are hanging out) Mater: Hey Lightning, what you think those too were talking' bout' down there? Lightning: Don't know, but whatever it was, All I know is, Lucas just made a third friend.

(Scene switches to Lucas and Teer are driving through the desert) Teer: So, you got any other friends you hang out with? Lucas: Yeah... Just two though..and I only made friends with them because they were the only two that I actually liked when I got here. Teer: Wow. Do they know? And how did you get here? Lucas: Nope. And it's kind of a long story. I don't wanna talk about it. Teer: Surprising they don't know. It would probably make them REALLY MAD if they found out you only hung around them 'cause everyone else sucks.

(We see Mater, Lightnng, and Ramone sitting behind a bush. Everyone gasps.)

Lucas: Yeah. It would really effect our friendship if they figured it out. Just gotta keep things in the right place. Teer: You better. Or YOU'RE SCREWED. Lucas:........uh..Yeah.

To be continued.........

Tune in July 20 For the next part!

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