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LU&DW Season 2, Part 3

(Scene opens with Lucas and Teer outside Lucas' door)

Teer: So, this is your place?

Lucas: Yep, she's a beauty isn't she?

Teer: Indeed, my friend. Indeed.

(Both stop in living room)

Lucas: So, why don't you tell me somthin' about yourself?

Teer: You really wanna hear?

Lucas: (laughs) Yeah. Every. Word.

Teer: Oh, fine. Here it is. I came to Arizona from Las Vegas. (pretend there is an epic scene here) Had a bit of a problem. I'd hit up the Casino almost every night. Never lost a single game. Until that fateful day. June 5, 2010. Poker. Midnight. 9 guys. 1 winner. I risked it all; and lost it. I found myself homeless. No job, no home, no rep. I thought I was over. Thought I'd lost all hope until eventually I found a couple of night clubs deep in town. And I found one that was hiring, and took a job as a waiter. Eventually, I earned up enough cash to play at least two more games at the casino. I shot at it, and I just wasn't lucky enough. I couldn't pay off my bets, my rent, and while I still had a couple hundred bucks left I caught a plane. It was good timing too because the guys I couldn't pay off were still trying to find me. Came here. And with the money I (barely) had left I got an apartment down in Pheonix. Just over here to, clear things up.

Lucas: (silent for a moment) ......Wow. Really compelling stuff there.

Teer: Yeah it really is. You don't know what I've been through. Nobody does. It's a rough world out there. You just gotta fight though it.

Lucas: Dude that is one huge life you got there. By the way, if you don't mind me asking, do you have a job?

Teer: Well, No. Not right now. Need one. Gotta pay my rent some way.

Lucas: Well I can take care of that. How 'bout I get ya' a job at my shop? It'll be great! I pay good.

Teer: (gasps) ! Really!

Lucas: Oh yeah! Let's do this!

(both hi-five)

To be continued.....

Part four coming Friday.

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