Last time on LU&DW, Lucas, Lightning and Tyr were headed off to find a tree and save Christmas. Will they succeed? Find out now!

(Scene opens Lucas, Tyr and Lightning headed up a road in the snow freezing snow) Tyr: Jesus, it's cold out here! Lightning: Just keep moving, we should make it there soon. (scene switches to all stopping at Lucas's house to warm up) Lucas: Dang, how long is it gonna take to travel 1 mile? Tyr: I know, it seemed like we'd been walking out there for hours! Lucas: Yeah, Tell me about it. Lightning: (silent)....Wait a minute..I just realized something. Tyr: What is it? Lightning: I releazed...(angered tone) That we wouldn't even have to go out in the freezing sleet snow and drive a mile to get a new freaking tree if he hadn't screwed up the old one like he screws up everything else! Lucas: Oh, I screw up everything? I recall just last week you destroying my new Mac by making me smash my head into it! Lightning: That was your decision, I had nothin' to do with it! Lucas: You witnessed it! You were the one who dared me to do it! I was in ER for 3 days! Don't deny it! Lightning: Tough crap! And you were idiotic enough to actually accept it! Lucas: Who you callin' dumb you four wheeled piece of- (argue breaks out) (All aggressively argue for a moment) Tyr: Guys! Guys....GUYS SHUT UP!!! (both silent) Tyr: Look at us. Were all turning on each other. That's not right. Its Christmas. We should be outside, getting that tree, or a store bought one, not coved up in here arguing with each other. (silence for a moment) Lucas: He's right. I say we- wait, what'd you say a minute ago? About a... Store bought tree? Tyr: I did say something like that didn't I? You know what? Who cares about that tree. Come on guys. Were making a pit stop. Both: Where? Tyr: The Christmas tree store. Lucas:The where? Ya' know what- screw it....Let's go.

(all go to Store, get tree.)

(scene changes, all now at town) Tyr: Ladies and gentelcars, (and Lucas) We now present to you, the Radiator Springs Christmas tree! (Tyr unveils tree and all give praise) Ramone: Hey, what the heck? Where is the tree you were supposed to get? This is just a fake ugly store one! Tyr: Well Ramone, it may not be a real, non ugly tree, but I, out there, I discovered theres more to Christmas than just presents, trees, Santa Claus or whatever. It's about giving. And being with your friends and family and blah blah blah all that soft crap! Point is, it's Christmas Lucas: Yep- wait, I thought it was about-

Tyr: Happy holidays everyone!

Thanks for reading. Merry Christmas guys!

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