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  • I live in Kentucky
  • I was born on December 6
  • I am Male
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    This blog post is based from a tv show idea of mine called Lucas's Up and Down World (LUDW) and this is what the main voice cast could possibly be if it happened. Note: ones with a * are personal interest actors.

    Cast Lucas Dials as Lucas Kieth Ferguson as Lightning Larry the Cable Guy as Mater Cheech Marin as Ramone Seth Rogen as Tyr* Jenifer Lewis as Flo Micheal Wallis as Sherrif Jerome Ranft as Red Bonnie Hunt as Sally Dan Castenella* as Corv *future character*

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  • Lucasdials

    Last time on LU&DW, Lucas, Lightning and Tyr were headed off to find a tree and save Christmas. Will they succeed? Find out now!

    (Scene opens Lucas, Tyr and Lightning headed up a road in the snow freezing snow) Tyr: Jesus, it's cold out here! Lightning: Just keep moving, we should make it there soon. (scene switches to all stopping at Lucas's house to warm up) Lucas: Dang, how long is it gonna take to travel 1 mile? Tyr: I know, it seemed like we'd been walking out there for hours! Lucas: Yeah, Tell me about it. Lightning: (silent)....Wait a minute..I just realized something. Tyr: What is it? Lightning: I releazed...(angered tone) That we wouldn't even have to go out in the freezing sleet snow and drive a mile to get a new freaking tree if …

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    December 21, 2013 by Lucasdials

    Here is the first ever LU&DW Christmas special. I'm about 4 days late, but here it is.

    (Scene opens early morning with Lucas talking on the phone) Lucas: Do we really have to talk about this now! Oh we just have to? Come on Tyr, do we have to do this today? It's not even Christmas Eve yet. Ok. Ok! Fine. I'll be down in a minute. (hangs up, continues to speak while heading out door) Ugh. Jesus. Stupid Christmas tree. Its too early. Look on the bright side, Lucas, Christmas is nearing. That only time of year where I get to feel good about something. Well maybe besides my birthday. (Lucas approaches town and is seen by Tyr) Tyr: Hey! You made it! Lucas: Yeah, yeah. I'm here. What's the deal? (Tyr goes to Christmas tree) Tyr: This. Lucas: The …

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    Im back making LU&DW, this time it's a Christmas episode. It's the holiday season, and Raduator Springs is b Anketed in snow, lights are beng hung, halls are being decked, and everyone is doing there holiday shopping. But for Lucas and Tyr, what is Christmas? Find out Tuesday, December 17, in the first ever LU&DW Holiday special!

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    It's short, but I'm kind of busy at the moment.

    (scene opens with Lucas in his closed shop waiting for Teer.)

    Lucas: (looking at clock)........ Come on.....

    (door opens, bell rings)

    Teer: I'm here!

    Lucas: Finally! WHAT TO YOU SO LONG!

    Teer: Sorry! Geez, I was getting lunch. Happy now?

    Lucas: Ok then. But you're late. Were not open anyway.

    Teer: Oh. Then why the heck am I here?

    Lucas: Because. I have a job for you. I need you to clean up 'round this joint.

    Teer: Clean up? But it looks fine!

    (Lucas shines headlights on floor to find hidden spider webs and tons of bugs crawling around.)

    Teer: AWW SICK!!!

    Lucas: Exactly. Get to work. (Lucas exits)

    (Teer grabs a broom)

    Teer: (sighs)

    (Time forwarded 1 hour. It is now 10:00 pm.)

    Teer: (puts down broom, panting)


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