Toy Story 3 was quite emotional, but that's what made it a great film. There were many great parts of Toy Story 3, but there were also many sad parts.

Personally, I think the saddest part of the movie was Lotso's backstory. Okay, he's turned Sunnyside into a living heck and betrayed Woody and the gang after they saved him. Still, the only reason he did all those horrible things was because he was replaced by Daisy and lost the sunshine that was once in his life. The worst part was that he never redeemed himself at the end (had he only pushed that button, he could have found salvation like the other characters).

There were other sad scenes as well, like in the end where Andy left for college and sells his toys to Bonnie (that's especially going to bring tears from the 90's-generation kids who saw the last two Toy Stories and/or sold all their toys).

Anyways, posted below is a poll for you Toy Story/Pixar fans to decide on what part of the film made you cry.

Saddest part of Toy Story 3?

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