I have an idea that there could be a movie of Tom and Jerry causing a lot of destruction around the world, including destroying the landmarks, and affect other people and stuff like sports competitions and also affect characters from other films (including Pixar films and films by other film companies), TV series, games and other media. And to also have myself in it, as being angry at what Tom and Jerry are doing, being affected by stuff like the Japanese toilet and attacked by the villains, including the lemons. And to also include some music from the different films by different film companies and Pixar.

Ideas for how Tom and Jerry would affect characters from Pixar films
Film Ideas for how Tom and Jerry affect it
Toy Story Tom throws the Sunnyside toys at Jerry and injures them. He frees Lotso from the truck and Lotso decides to get revenge. Tom chases Jerry to Bonnie's house, causes mayhem in all of the different rooms, and throws the toys, including Woody, Buzz, Jessie and others, at Jerry, and the toys get injured. Tom also takes Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head's parts off and throws them at Jerry. He even reaches out a claw, making the aliens interested. But Tom injures them too. Tom and Jerry also injure Andy's old toys like Bo Peep, Etch, Snake, Robot and Wheezy.
A Bug's Life Tom kicks the bugs, including Flik, Atta, Dot and others, injuring them.
Monsters, Inc. Tom and Jerry cause mayhem in Monstropolis, including the factory, and causing the door shredder to go out of control and also injure all of the characters, including Sulley and Mike. They free Randall and Mr. Waternoose.
Finding Nemo Tom gets chased by the seagulls, gets bitten and gets chased by Bruce and the anglerfish. He also injures characters like Marlin, Nemo and Dory.
The Incredibles Tom makes another Omnidroid and uses to try to kill Jerry and causes destruction in the city, as destroying the buildings and others. He also injures characters like Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash and Violet.
Cars Tom causes a huge crash in a race in Porto Corsa, which he switches the cars' fuel with Allinol and uses the pulse generator to try to get Jerry. Tom and Jerry free the lemons from prison and they cause mayhem. Tom and Jerry may affect Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell. Tom and Jerry fight in the Japanese bathroom while a few good guys and villains attack each other in there, and Tom chases Jerry on the runway of the airport. And they get chased by Frank while Lightning McQueen and Mater are tractor tipping and Tom causes a blue lantern to land on Mater's hook, making him think it's the Ghostlight and screams and runs away. The tractors get loose in town and Tom chases Jerry on the Interstate while the Tuner Cars mess with Mack. The flames caused by Snot Rod's sneezing burns Tom and he gets hit by a train near the level crossing and chases Jerry along Route 66 towards Radiator Springs, going over the speed limit and gets chased by Sheriff. Tom and Jerry chase mayhem in Radiator Springs, injure and affect the characters and damage the main road with the statue of Stanley. And then, the statue of Stanley lands on the telephone wire, causing Tom and Jerry to get tied up in the wire, and the statue of Stanley to land back in its place.
Ratatouille Tom and Jerry cause mayhem and destruction in Paris and in the restaurant. Tom also chases after Remy and the other rats.
WALL-E WALL-E crushes Tom into a cube. Jerry laughs, and Tom gets angry and damages WALL-E, EVE and other robots and injures the human characters. He also holds WALL-E and tries to turn Jerry into a cube, but sometimes does it on characters from other media.

Tom and Jerry cause mayhem in the town and injure Carl, Russell, Dug and other characters.


Tom and Jerry steal the treats just like the Triplets and affect the people doing archery. They also injure characters like Merida, Elinor, Fergus and others.

Also, Tom and Jerry cause destruction around the world, including destroying the landmarks, and affecting other stuff like characters from other films. About myself, I get angry at what they're doing. I run away from the door shredder, Bruce, the Anglerfish, Frank, the lemons, get hit by Tom's Omnidroid and turned into a cube by Tom using WALL-E. I get affected in the Japanese toilet and especially by attacks of Tom and Jerry and some good guys and bad guys in the Japanese bathroom, get chased by the lemons on the oil rigs and across the ocean. I try to stop Tom from using the pulse generator, but I get pulled by the magnet from a evil helicopter with some of the lemons in the helicopter, which they captured me and prevented me from stopping Tom. Later, I got free and told everyone about Tom affecting the race in Porto Corsa. Also, when Tom gets hit by a train on the track and not at the level crossing and I get fast enough to cross the level crossing before the train could hit me. When Tom is tied to Stanley and Stanley lands on the telephone wire, Tom struggles to grab Jerry and he does, but they get pulled back by the statue of Stanley and they get tangled in the telephone wire and the statue of Stanley lands back in its place. The next morning, Tom and Jerry find themselves in the impound and they meet Mater. Sheriff takes to traffic court in the Courthouse where everyone, including me and characters from lots of different films are angry with what Tom and Jerry did. Tom gets sentenced to community service by fixing the road and rebuilding some stuff, while people start reconstructing everything, including the landmarks.

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Do you think they and other film companies will make this movie, with Tom and Jerry affecting characters from other film companies' films and other media, and include me?

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