This is a blog showing the fictional places in the Cars films that have car part shapes on them, the location of Radiator Springs and revealing where Porto Corsa is on the map.

Fictional buildings, monuments and landscape

Locations of Radiator Springs and Porto Corsa

Radiator Springs

Radiator Springs is along Route 66, which travels from Los Angeles, California, to Chicago, Illinois. It is surrounded by red rocks and desert, and is not near any large cities, so Radiator Springs must be on Route 66 in either California, Arizona, or New Mexico. But Sally mentioned that she left California, so Radiator Springs might not be in California. According to The Art of Cars, Radiator Springs is located in between Gallup, New Mexico, and Kingman, Arizona (which both can be heard in the end credits song). Since Gallup is on the far west side of New Mexico, Radiator Springs is most likely in Arizona. The truckstop that Mack and Lightning McQueen passed by on their trip could not be west from Houck, Arizona, because of a sign which reads "LAST TRUCKSTOP FOR 500 MILES", and since Houck is on the far east side of Arizona, the truckstop was most likely in western New Mexico, and if Mack drove for only a few hours more after the truckstop before he fell asleep, then Radiator Springs is most likely in eastern Arizona.

Porto Corsa

Porto Corsa is in Italy, which the race takes place in it when it's a fictional place, despite that the other World Grand Prix races took place in real cities, as London and Tokyo are real. Its location in Italy and on the map is revealed on Holley's hologram heads-up display screen when Finn tells her to contact Stephenson to take them and Mater to Porto Corsa, which the screen shows a map showing France and Italy, and the rail route from Paris to Porto Corsa, and showing Porto Corsa's name at its location. The map is mirrored in the film, but the photo below is luckily facing the right way.


The picture showing the map of France and Italy and the rail route from to Paris to Porto Corsa, and revealing where Porto Corsa is.


Republic of New Rearendia is also a fictional country. It was formerly an European colony, and recently became independent (at the time of the events in Cars 2). However, it is unknown from the world, and is desperate to put their name on the map. But they have high hopes that the participation of their young racer Rip Clutchgoneski to the World Grand Prix will give to the Republic some attention. The location of New Rearendia in the world is unknown.

The name of one of its towns is known: Rip's hometown, named Wheeli.

New rearendia flag

Republic of New Rearendia's flag

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