This is my Cars 3 Possibility Trivia blog (see my Cars 3 Possibility blog).


  • This is the third Cars film, and the second Cars film to have travelling around the world.
  • The car-themed versions of Toy Story, A Bug's Life and Monsters, Inc. appear again, as well as more Pixar films.
  • This Cars film reveals that the proper names of everything like Tower Bridge, Jeff Gordon, Prince William, Big Ben and other stuff, also exist in the Cars world, as well as proper versions of animals and other stuff.
  • This is the first Cars film to show more trains than Cars and Cars 2, and the first one to show a lot of returning locations.
  • This film shows a lot more of how cars are able to hold, use and do stuff, and more of what stuff look like in the Cars world.
  • Also, the Pizza Planet Truck appears again.
  • A113 appears again, especially on Trev Diesel, Mater's number/license plate and Siddeley's tail and on some more.
  • All of the Pixar productions appear in Cars 3, such as The Adventures of Andre and Wally B., Luxo, Jr., Hawaiian Vacation, Small Fry, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Up, and all the other Pixar productions, but it is unknown about what the Cars films and Cars Toons episodes would be like in the Cars world.
  • All the other Pixar Easter eggs and Easter eggs from other films appear again such as the Luxo Ball, BnL, Dinoco, Emeryville, Pixar, Wilhelm scream, the Pixar logo, Apple, John Ratzenberger (as Mack and the other Pixar characters he voiced), other Pixar crew, Easter eggs from Pixar shorts and films, and other Easter eggs.
  • This film also shows how cars will be able to use buses, taxis, bikes, motorcycles and other transport.
  • Like the other films, this film features guest star appearances, this time with a lot more, including full appearances and more lines, and having some guest stars from the previous films returning.

    A113 on Siddeley's tail, which he returns in Cars 3.


    A113 on Mater's number/license plate.


    A113 on Trev Diesel, who returns in Cars 3.

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