This is a blog of car versions of real-life people, landmarks, movie characters, and the real-life people, movies and movie characters from a website called deviantART, in the Cars world. Also, it shows the human versions.

Human versions

This shows the human versions of the landmarks, real-life people and movie characters.

Real-life people and movie characters


Car versions

Real-life people and movie characters



Notable vehicles


The Cars Files website used to say that the show McQueen and Mater were watching in the plane to Tokyo seems to be Total Wipeout. On YouTube, a few people made comments that it is MXC, or Takeshi's Castle.

At the Cars Land Grand Opening Ceremony, John Lasseter talks about what Bob Iger would be like in the Cars world. He says that Bob is always amazingly dressed, so he might be a sports car. However, he's also a family man, so he might be a station wagon. But he's also the leader of the greatest company on Earth, so he might be a semi truck. Then he thinks about what Thomas O. Staggs might be. He thinks he might be a muscle car, based on how he feels. However, he's also really smart, so he might be a smart car. But also, with the amazing editions to the Disney Parks, he is bringing joy to millions with his intelligence, his grace, and his humor, so he might be an ice cream truck.


Pictures of real-life people, movies, movie characters and others from deviantART

Real-life people

Movies, films, telefilms and cartoons

There was also A-Team, and another title for Ghostbusters called "Ghostcarsters."

Notable vehicles

Stuff that I don't understand

Also, there was a title of a film called Trash Talkin' Cop. I don't know what is the proper name, as well as for a car-themed song in Mater Saves Christmas called Ol' Timing Belt.

Titles of films, movies, telefilms and cartoons and others that have different names
Names shown on deviantART and others Proper name
007: Goldbumper 007: Goldfinger
Jurassic Cars Jurassic Park
Carbie Barbie
Carminator Terminator
Arnold Schwarzenhummer Arnold Schwarzenegger
Carsformers Transformers
Carsformers 2 Transformers 2
Carsky & Hutch Starsky & Hutch
Cars to the Future / Mac to the Future Back to the Future
Car Trek Star Trek
Carsbusters / Ghostcarsters Ghostbusters
Stang McQueen Steve McQueen
Bill Stingray Bill Murray
Dan Aycar Dan Aykroyd
Harold Rambler Harold Ramis
Hornet Hudson Ernie Hudson
Batcar Batman
Tiger Woops Tiger Woods
Carstine Christine


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