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  • Haroldfan4eva

    Hello, it's me! I'm new to this Wiki and I just saw the thing on the Robot page where it says fans wish there was a toy of him! Well, there is! If you go to Ebay or Amazon, there is a toy of Robot and Snake (with Buzz Lightyear) called a Buddy Pack. Also, there's this website I found called Points Of If you go to the subect "Stories About Toys" it will show you a picture of a oldschool-like Robot and Snake. There is also a newer toy that resembles Toy Story's robot called Playskool's Robot. It may be the exact same toy that is in Toy Story. Also, the Buddy Pack one talks. It says stuff like "Buzz Lightyear needs some more tape" and "Hello, I am Robot." For Snake, you might find him at a store. There's no other Snake besid…

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