Hello ! In the past few weeks, as a little graphics exercice, I tried to copy the logos of Pixar's feature films... using "Pixar Wiki" for text. So I made some Pixar Wiki logos looking like Pixar films logos. For my first blog post, I here submit these graphics.

Starting with prehaps the most copied of all, Toy Story's logo:

Pixar wiki toy story logo

A Bug's Life — not very elaborate... :

A bugs life wiki

Monsters, Inc.:

Pixar wiki monsters logo

Finding Nemo:

Pixar wiki finding nemo logo

The Incredibles — Note I didn't made the design of the "p" logo - it came with a certain Incredibles-themed font. I did however made its color layout:

Pixar wiki incredibles logo

Cars — Based on Cars Land's logo. The metallic effect is very hard to achieve, and I'm not sure I got it right. :

Pixar wiki cars logo


Pixar wiki ratatouille logo


Pixar wiki wall-e logo

Up — A quite hard one, as it wasn't easy to get the right angle for the text, and I didn't succeed to find the exact same font as on the original...

Pixar wiki up logo

And that's it ! I hope you liked it, and if you have any kind of comment or question, don't hesitate !...

Gray catbird cars

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