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Apologies and Such

Ok, so yes. I have my moments. Here are some apologies to some certian people who deserve them.

To Dae:

Yes. Saffy is sorry. I will not do what I did again. I should have listened to you when you said enough, yet my pride got in the way and I did not heed your words. Once again, I am sorry.

To Fobar:

I don't recall you being present, yet I was told you are demanding an apology from me, mainly for past events. So here it is. I am sorry for what I've said or done to you in the past. Also. I'm still not comfortable discussing that topic >.>


To Shantelle:

4 years. 4 years I've known you, and by now, I would expect you to know me better than you appear to. Anyways, I am sorry for what I did, yet your failure to comply with my simple requests really does hurt. I am unsure to why we constantly fight, wheather it be because we are to alike or different eludes me, yet I hope it does not happen again. My temper does get the best of me, and so does my mood, but my actions reflect how I feel. And just for future reference, please keep that in mind.

I hope this all satifies you.

La sicurezza e la pace a tutti voi.

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