i love Pixar, but the only thing that annoys me, is that we got to wait a full year for see their next picture. Dreamworks on the other hand actually gives us 2 or 3 films each year. so why Pixar cant?.

Pixar did tried to give us 2 movies per year recently, Brave was meant for December 25, 2011 (Now June 22, 2012) thus we would've gotten Cars 2 and Brave. but no....., Monsters University was meant for November 2, 2012 (Now June 21, 2013) thus we would've gotten Brave and Monsters University. but no......., The Good Dinosaur was meant for November 27, 2013 (Now May 30, 2014). thus we would've gotten Monsters University and The Good Dinosaur, but nooooo, those films were ALL delayed.....

had they never delayed Monsters, we would be just 2 months away from it, but not anymore.

i personally would love them to release 2/3 films each year, i would like to see 2/3 Pixar films in the same year, instead of waiting a full year for their next project. does anyone agree?

Should they release 2 or more films per year?

The poll was created at 00:08 on September 18, 2012, and so far 20 people voted.

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