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  • Eagc7

    Just an random thought, if you guys had the chance to work for Pixar, is there a film you would like to direct or at least pitch to someone so he/she can make it a reality?

    i have 3 ideas

    1. a Cryptids films

    2. a film set on my country

    3. a type of anti-extinction film

    what about you?

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  • Eagc7

    i love Pixar, but the only thing that annoys me, is that we got to wait a full year for see their next picture. Dreamworks on the other hand actually gives us 2 or 3 films each year. so why Pixar cant?.

    Pixar did tried to give us 2 movies per year recently, Brave was meant for December 25, 2011 (Now June 22, 2012) thus we would've gotten Cars 2 and Brave. but no....., Monsters University was meant for November 2, 2012 (Now June 21, 2013) thus we would've gotten Brave and Monsters University. but no......., The Good Dinosaur was meant for November 27, 2013 (Now May 30, 2014). thus we would've gotten Monsters University and The Good Dinosaur, but nooooo, those films were ALL delayed.....

    had they never delayed Monsters, we would be just 2 mont…

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  • Eagc7

    Toy Story got 2 sequels, Cars got a sequel, Monsters Inc is getting a prequel, Nemo is getting a sequel.

    but what about A Bugs Life, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, WALL-E, Up and Brave, do u think one of those single films deserves a sequel, if so which one? or u would rather see another sequel/prequel of the films that got/are getting sequels/prequels?

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  • Eagc7

    in case we never got a sequel to a certain film or you think that film should get a tv show instead of a sequel/prequel what film u think would make a good tv show?

    i would not mind if all got a show

    (not counting the buzz lightyear animated show, but an actual show of the toys themselfs, not even the Toy Story Toons and Cars toons ones, but actual full length tv series)

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  • Eagc7

    just had an thought, in ur opinion or i should say in ur personal canon, which pixar films you can easily see beign set in the same universe as a previosu pixar film

    like lets see Toy Story could take place in Monsters Inc continuity (which in fact they do in a comic books) or Nemo could take place in a bugs life continuity etc etc

    obiously Cars is on its own universe (due of living cars of course) so it cant co-exist with any pixar film comment and tell me ur personal canon

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