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    Cars 2!

    June 24, 2011 by Dragonian King

    Cars 2 came out today! Has anyone seen it yet? If so, please add the story to the Cars 2 article. --Dragonian King Talk Blog 15:30, June 24, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Dragonian King

    • Rex: Guys, I'm bored!
    • Woody: Calm down Rex, we'll find something to do...
    • Rex: But what?

    The door opens.

    • Hamm: Hey guys! Sorry we're late!
    • Woody: Hi Hamm! Hi Buzz!
    • Buzz: Howdy.
    • Hamm: What's going on?
    • Rex: Nothing. We're just bored.
    • Wheezy: I know! Let's play hot penguin! And I'll be the penguin!
    • Jessie: No... How about cards?
    • Hamm: Okay! I'll get Mr. Potato Head.

    Hamm runs off and comes back in a couple seconds with Mr. Potato Head, who is ready to play cards.

    • Woody: Go Fish?
    • Rex: Alright!
    • Buzz: Hmmm, I made some cards of us. There are four of each!
    • Hamm: This should be fun.
    • Potato: Got any Hamms?
    • Buzz: Go fish.
    • Hamm: Got any Buzzs?
    • Woody: Go fish.

    After a few minutes of playing...

    • Potato: Yes! I won!
    • Hamm: Oh look!

    Hamm snatches a group of Mr. Potato Head's card…

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    The Toy Story Show

    September 17, 2010 by Dragonian King

    Guess what? I'm going to make a Toy Story Show! It will be coming this month. I don't have any episodes planned yet. Here's what I'm planning to do though. Note: They will be in blog post format

    • Buzz Lightyear
    • Woody
    • Jessie
    • Bullseye
    • Hamm
    • Slinky Dog
    • Lenny
    • Wheezy the Penguin
    • Chill the Penguin Plush Toy (Only in one episode)
    • Gary the Penguin Plush Toy (Only in one episode)

    • Lotso
    • Aliens
    • Red the Firetruck (Cameo)
    • Evil Dr. Porkchop
    • Mr. Potato Head
    • One-Eyed Bart
    • Mr. Pricklepants
    • Buttercup

    More coming later! --Dragonian King Talk 02:20, September 17, 2010 (UTC)

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