• Dogman15

    Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I saw an issue of Bay Area Parent on the shelf a few days ago, and Lee Unkrich was on the cover. The tagline was "Pixar Pop: All the BUZZ on the Toy Story 3 Director". Inside the issue is an article/interview by Janine DeFao. There are a few things in the article that I think would affect some of the information on the Internet about the Toy Story series. Not just on Pixar Wiki, but IMDb, too. Allow me to quote a bit:

    What the author means by this is they used Hannah's voice in the archives to do Molly's voice in the flashbacks in 3. Beatrice Miller still does Molly's voice in the rest of the film, as a pre-teenager. What really is important here is Hannah Unkrich's age. If she is 13 years old as of June 2010 …

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