I was thinking that they should make a Toy Story Toons game after they have a few more episodes like they did with Cars Toons. It would be for the Wii and PC. A Release for late 2012 or sometime in 2013? I don't know, Here's some ideas. All of the levels would have custcenes after and before made completely with video game-animation.

Hawaiian Vacation:

  • Level 1: To Hawaii!: Play as Ken and Barbie (only two player) to sneak into Bonnie's backpack and get to go with Hawaii for vacation.
  • Level 2: A Toy Vacation!: It's 3:00 and Bonnie is offically, on Winter Break. Play and have a vacation with the gang!
  • 1. Go on a Midevial Quest as Rex or Trixie (or as both on 2 players) or play Buzz Lightning the Video Game!
  • 2. Put on Play with Mr. Pricklepants and the Aliens! (Aristoycats, Three Little Aliens, We Wish You a Christmas Number)
  • 3. Play Duck-Duck-Goose and Monopoly with Dolly, Jessie, and Buzz.
  • 4. Play Checkers with Slinky and Woody (2 players avaliable)
  • 5. Play Cards, Bingo, and Match-a-Toy with Mr. Potato Head, Buttercup, Hamm, and Chuckles.
  • Level 3: It's Hawaii in Bonnie's Room!: Ken and Barbie have unexpectedly arrived in Bonnie's Room, attending to go to Hawaii, but Bonnie didn't take her backpack with her. Help Woody and the toys to remake Hawaii for Barbie's new boyfriend, Ken!
  • 1.

Not finished yet.

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