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  • Disney14ph12

    I was thinking that they should make a Toy Story Toons game after they have a few more episodes like they did with Cars Toons. It would be for the Wii and PC. A Release for late 2012 or sometime in 2013? I don't know, Here's some ideas. All of the levels would have custcenes after and before made completely with video game-animation.

    • Level 1: To Hawaii!: Play as Ken and Barbie (only two player) to sneak into Bonnie's backpack and get to go with Hawaii for vacation.
    • Level 2: A Toy Vacation!: It's 3:00 and Bonnie is offically, on Winter Break. Play and have a vacation with the gang!
    • 1. Go on a Midevial Quest as Rex or Trixie (or as both on 2 players) or play Buzz Lightning the Video Game!
    • 2. Put on Play with Mr. Pricklepants and the Aliens! (Aristoyc…

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  • Disney14ph12

    Cars: Timeline

    June 18, 2012 by Disney14ph12

    This is a Timeline of Events for the Disney's Cars Series. It shows the events before the first Cars and between the events of Cars and Cars 2 and after the events of the Cars 2. It's currently in the works.

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  • Disney14ph12

    I'm Back!

    January 9, 2011 by Disney14ph12

    Well, as you can see I have not been active on this wiki for a long long time...but now I'll be more active like before.

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