Monsters University shows us that there is more to scaring than just going into a kid's room and roaring. Every child is afraid of something, so a Scarer must recognize a child fear, and use the right scare technique to match it. Here are some scares that I got from

  • Top Scaring techniques include Shadow Approach with a Crackle Holler, Stealth Roll with a Fully Exposed Roar, Seasonal Creep and Crawl,Full Moon Scamper and Smash, Ogre’s Slump, Zombie Snarl, Johnson Crackle and Howl, Johnson Pounce the Old, Johnson Slash and Pounce, and The Macdoogle Fake-Out.

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Spoiler: The Shadow Approach/Crackle Holler and Seasonal Creep and Crawl are used on kids afraid of lightning and spiders & Santa Claus, respectivly.

I want you to come up with your own scare techniques. Post the following:

  • The technique's name
  • How to do it
  • What kids to use it on with the matching fear (include the phobia's name)

When I see the movie, I'll post the official information about the featured scares. MU RULES!

You can also post names for the unnamed scares in MU, such as the big one Mike and Sulley did to escape the rangers, and the one Terri and Terry did, as seen in this animation from Deviantart.

Zombie Snarl: Hold your arms over your head, hang your tongue, and snarl.

Angry Poodle: Stand on all fours, bowlegged, fists turned in, back and tail straight (if any), and growl.

Jazz Clown: Do jazz hands, a derpy face, and hiss.

Aunt Phyillis: Hang your arms low with a tired face.

In the Morning: Hang your arms to the floor, close youe eyes, and moan.

Common Crouch: Simply crouch with your hands at shoulder level. You can growl, roar, howl, hiss, snarl or moan. This is most likely the most common and popular of all scaring techniques.

Cobra Hiss: Curve the insides of your lip up, raise youe tongue lightly, botton eyelid up, expose fangs and gums, and furl your eyebrows. Then you hiss. Great for kids with a fear of snakes.

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