Have you noticed the many different variations of monsters in M.I. and M.U.? I think it would be a good idea to give each of these kinds a name. Here are some of my suggestions.

Drakopede (Dean Hardscrabble)

Eyestalker (those single eyestalk monsters with crab legs. Nancy Kim and Harley's scare assistant are examples)

Bumblebat (Omar Harris)

Extendorachnid (Dorothy Newbern)

Tentacreeper (Madge and the DJ from the ROR party)

Closethound (a bipedal wolf-like monster, an original species, it's the kind I'd be)

Cyball (Mike and his mom)

Multiple monsters with the same or similar appearences should be classed as the same species. Here are some examples:

  • Charlie, Rivera, Tony, Fay, Ray, Carla, Sonia (all are Scaropuses)
  • Claire, the PNK sisters, two of the cheerleaders from the football game (slender femenine humanoid build, three eyes, natural fur skirts, therefore, they are all Flapwingers)
  • During Mike's field trip to MI when he was six years old, the monster he talks to about carpooling together and being cousins is the same species as Dirk Pratt. Also, there's a student with the same body type as Javier Rios, but with two eyes and arms and no antennae. I call this species the Shockroach. We also see students who belong to the same species as George, Reggie, and Big Red.

For more info, see this Tumblr post

A few monsters resemble mythical creatures in our world. So they should be classed as those species. Some examples include:

  • Brock Pearson- Griffin
  • Celia- Gorgon
  • Abominible Snowman- Obviously!
  • Ms. Flint- Naga
  • The Kowalski Sisters- Hydra

Post your name ideas below, you can also post names for the species you think Mike, Sulley, and the other principal characters are. Don't forget a physical description to identify what monster you're talking about! Also, when you post a species name, add links to images of monsters of that kind.

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