• Dinoco95

    Monster genetics

    November 1, 2013 by Dinoco95

    The reason there are so many different variations in the different monster species is because of how monster genetics work. When two different monster types get married and have a baby, the newborn monster is the same species as one of its parents, inheriting the body shape and some other typical traits of that species such as the number of eyes. The rest of the young monster's traits (such as size, colour, horn shape, wings, fur, number of arms, etc.) are determined by its genes.


    • Terri and Terry probably inherited their body shape from their mother, making them the same species as she is. Other traits they got from her were one eye and Terry's horns. They inherited their yellow colour, tentacles, and Terri's horn from their dad. H…
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  • Dinoco95

    Every Scarer is matched to certain children, terrifying only them, using the right scare technique for each. But how does a monster know which kids are the most likely to scream when he comes through their doors? This is determined by comparing the monster's features (wings, multiple heads, horn shape, etc.) and special abilities (flight, glowing eyes, disappearing quickly, etc), to what each child fears the most (the dark, bugs, etc.). In the comments below, post the name of a Scarer and what kids he or she is most likely to scare based on that monster's features.

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  • Dinoco95

    Scare card pictures

    October 16, 2013 by Dinoco95

    I think that we should post images of all the promotinal scare cards released to promote Monsters University's theatrical release. Please post both the front and the back of each card in high quality. The one I'd really like to see is #17. Thanks and see you later, everybody!

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  • Dinoco95

    Scaring techniques

    June 5, 2013 by Dinoco95

    Monsters University shows us that there is more to scaring than just going into a kid's room and roaring. Every child is afraid of something, so a Scarer must recognize a child fear, and use the right scare technique to match it. Here are some scares that I got from

    • Top Scaring techniques include Shadow Approach with a Crackle Holler, Stealth Roll with a Fully Exposed Roar, Seasonal Creep and Crawl,Full Moon Scamper and Smash, Ogre’s Slump, Zombie Snarl, Johnson Crackle and Howl, Johnson Pounce the Old, Johnson Slash and Pounce, and The Macdoogle Fake-Out.

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    Spoiler: The Shadow Approach/Crackle Holler and Seasonal Creep and Crawl are us…

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  • Dinoco95

    Monster species

    February 18, 2013 by Dinoco95

    Have you noticed the many different variations of monsters in M.I. and M.U.? I think it would be a good idea to give each of these kinds a name. Here are some of my suggestions.

    Drakopede (Dean Hardscrabble)

    Eyestalker (those single eyestalk monsters with crab legs. Nancy Kim and Harley's scare assistant are examples)

    Bumblebat (Omar Harris)

    Extendorachnid (Dorothy Newbern)

    Tentacreeper (Madge and the DJ from the ROR party)

    Closethound (a bipedal wolf-like monster, an original species, it's the kind I'd be)

    Cyball (Mike and his mom)

    Multiple monsters with the same or similar appearences should be classed as the same species. Here are some examples:

    • Charlie, Rivera, Tony, Fay, Ray, Carla, Sonia (all are Scaropuses)
    • Claire, the PNK sisters, two of the…

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