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    Hi there, Pixar Wiki users. I'm here to tell you about a glitch I discovered in the Toy Story 3: Video Game. No, its not a usual minor glitch that you would come across maybe every once and a while, it was actually felt like it was a beta version of the game. Let me explain: So I was driving Zurg's car (as Zurg obviously) and I decided to go to the part of the stunt park with Trixie (cause I like to hear a similarity with her and Mabel from Gravity Falls XD). So I was making jumps and stuff, and when I tried to jump over the ramp that has the pink and green goo on either side, I was trying to make a spin in between it (BTW, my car was also in the green goo effect) when all of a sudden, the car went under the world and then, I was out of my…

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  • DamiedeterJR

    Ok, let's begin:

    Barrel of Monkeys: Since this toy (or game, whatever you want to call it) appeared in Hawaiian Vacation, it's possible that throughout the time between TS2 & TS3, that Andy gave the Barrel of Monkeys to Bonnie. But, since there are no yellow barrels, it might seem unlikely, unless Bonnie lost the yellow barrel and just put the monkeys in another barrel.

    Bo Peep: At first, since Bo is Molly's toy, Andy might have (over the years) given Bo back to Molly. Then, after a few more years, she might have broke or given to someone at a yard sale, since Woody felt sad when Rex mentioned Bo.


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  • DamiedeterJR

    Here's a little surprising story I made up about the other toys (and I don't mean Buzz, Woody, Rex, or the toys at Bonnie's that belonged to Andy, I mean Wheezy, RC, Bo Peep, and Etch).

    (it starts after Andy leaves)

    Woody: So long, partner.

    (The End...or is it?)

    (scene shows Andy's door on a close shot on the bottom. Suddenly, it opens and out comes....Bo Peep)

    Bo Peep: Hello? Woody? Buzz?

    Wheezy: We came here to see if everyone is here and there not?!

    (all of a sudden, all of the toys open the door, and out comes all of the old toys)

    Mr. Spell: But, where could they be?

    Wheezy: I was sure they would be here.

    Bo Peep: Me too.

    RC: "rides around and sees a note"

    Wheezy: What do you have there, RC?

    Lenny: Looks like a note.

    Bo Peep: It reads: "Dear anyone …

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