BlogOkay. First off, I DID like Cars 2.

Okay, now to the point. Has anyone noticed how hard it is to say "Cars 2
is my least favorite Pixar movie."Whenever you say that, the person you are talking to might say something like "You didn't like Cars 2?" or "Hey! I actually thought it was a good movie!" What I'm really saying is that I liked all the other movies better than Cars 2, not that I did'nt like it. Pixar makes ONLY good movies, and so saying "It's my least favorite Pixar movie" isn't saying much.

Also: "I don't like this scene." This doesn't just work on Pixar movies, but a lot of other ones too. A Pixar example: In A Bug's Life when Flik accidentaly knocks the food supply into the river. While watching this, you chould say "I don't like this scene." What you mean is that the events are really bad, not the way they made the scene.

Please comment if you have any other examples. I like to collect odd information like this for no particular reason.

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